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'cinquanta3' is part of Battistella, a group established in 1953 and sister company to Novamobili and is one of Italy's leading manufacturers of furniture. They offer a modular system similar to Novamobili but are a perfect mid-range wardrobe option using neutral shades in hard wearing MFC board.

As the design and configuration of Battistella wardrobes is uniquely tailored to your requirements, our team will provide first-hand advice on styling, finish and colours by range.


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These hinged door wardrobes stand out for the versatile design of its components. They can be configured to provide a sleek and stylish design and are available in a neutral colour palette for a modern, sophisticated look. The full height hinged doors come in a range of modular sizes for maximum flexibility and are available in a great range of exterior finishes and colours, with an interior finish in Nuvola. The full height hinged can be tailored to fit sloping ceilings.


These sliding wardrobes provide a functional solution capable of optimising the available space. The solutions pictured are available in all finishes with the interior finished in Nuvola.

Battistella Main Image
Battistella Main Image

The full height sliding doors also come in a range of modular sizes for maximum flexibility, with many different accessories to create well-organised storage.

Walk In Wardrobes

As with Novamobili, cinquanta3 can be used to create desirable walk in wardrobes with well-organised storage and a place for everything. The slotted rail walk-in closet is designed to organise your wardrobe to best effect, with a host of accessories for customising your look. Available in all finishes.

Battistella Main Image